Wireless Repeater Connectivity Guidelines

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The following guidelines would be suggested for wireless repeaters...

  • No more than 1 hop reported in CloudTrax.
  • RSSI to/from wired gateway between -35 to -65.
  • The closer to 0 the better. This can be found by clicking an access point and then reviewing the "Neighbors" list.
  • Mesh speed reported at 10 Mbps or higher.
  • No or minimal outages reported on the outage graph.
  • No more than 5 wireless repeaters per wired gateway.

Failure to meet all of the above requirements will likely result in poor wireless mesh performance and connectivity problems. Reasons for failing to meet the guidelines include: distance, obstructions and/or interference. On networks with a lot of wireless repeaters, there may be too many wireless repeaters on the same channel or the channel is crowded in general.