WiFi Scheduling

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WiFi Scheduling allows you to set the times when each SSID will be enabled in your network.

Typical use cases:

  •         -At your business, set your guest network to run only when your business is open and prevent passers-by from logging in

  •         -At home, turn off your kid's network to prevent late-night Internet use when they should be sleeping

When WiFi Scheduling is enabled, access points will enable or disable the SSID during the checkin process. The SSID is enabled or disabled during the first checkin after the specified time, typically within five or ten minutes. 


This feature is currently in beta. There are 2 known issues that will be resolved in future firmware updates:

  •         -When an SSID that Bridge wired clients is set to is disabled, the wired clients will be disconnected.

  •         -When all SSIDs are disabled simultaneously, auto channel cannot run. 

To enable WiFi Scheduling, login to CloudTrax and select the SSID you'd like to schedule under the Configure (Configure > SSID __) menu. Under Availability, set Schedule WiFi on.


Note that WiFi Scheduling only disables SSIDs; it does not turn off the access point even if all SSIDs are disabled.