Why is my access point offline?

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If your access point won't check in, check the table below for troubleshooting suggestions...

Possible Reasons - Suggested Actions

Not powered on

  • Check power source to ensure it is working properly.
  • Try unplugging the power connection and plugging it back in.
  • If using PoE, try a different cable or try a wall adapter.
  • If already using a wall adapter, try a different wall adapter.

No wired or mesh connection

  • If using access point as a wired gateway:
    • Check that the cable connections are secure on both ends, and that a link light is present on your switch or router.
    • Try a different cable.
    • Check your switch or router configuration and logs to ensure it has not disabled the port for some reason.
  • If using access point as a wireless repeater:
    • Ensure the access point is within range of a wired gateway on the same radio channel.
    • Try wiring it into the local network to verify that it is actually functional.

No network or internet connectivity

  • Verify that the local network and internet connection are functioning properly.
  • Check your DHCP server lease list to ensure the access point has been assigned an IP address.
  • Increase DHCP IP address range/pool if needed.

Connection blocked

  • Check for content filters, firewalls or proxies on the network that could be blocking access to cloudtrax.com
  • If whitelisting CloudTrax, ensure the main cloudtrax.com domain and all subdomains are allowed.

Invalid MAC address entered in CloudTrax

  • Verify the MAC address entered on CloudTrax matches the MAC address on the bottom sticker, and that there are no typos.
  • MAC addresses only contain the numbers 0 - 9 and letters A - F. For example, the number 8 and letter B look similar, and the letters O and S are invalid MAC address characters.

Invalid Configuration or Bad State

  • In some rare cases the access point may have a corrupt configuration or be stuck in a bad state. Try a pinhole reset to go back to factory defaults.

Firmware needs reflashed

  • In some rare cases the firmware may be corrupted or is outdated, which requires you to manually reflash the firmware. Needs to be rebooted.
  • In some rare cases the access point may fail to check in to CloudTrax, but can still be remotely rebooted. If the access point does not check in within 5 - 10 minutes after rebooting, this is likely not the problem.